The Adventz Group is an Indian conglomerate with Global ambitions.

Led by Saroj Kumar Poddar, Adventz Group has been a creation of the union of two of India's leading companies, and which represent the pioneering entrepreneurial vision of the late Dr. K K Birla - Zuari & Texmaco Group. That vision has led to the birth of diverse enterprises, which along with their subsidiaries and joint ventures span key economic sectors like Agriculture, heavy industry, engineering services, consumer durables, real estate and financial services.

Today, as the largest (Pvt Sector) fertilizer manufacturer in India and the largest freight wagon builder in the private sector, the Adventz Group is set to create a similar mark in the real estate sector with iconic landmarks that are built on the foundation of trust and goodwill.

The real estate vertical is poised to enhance lifestyles and transform lives.

AGRI Business

The power to transform growth to prosperity

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Engineering & Infrastucture

The power to transform moving forward to moving fast forward

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Catering to a strong and vibrant market

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The Power to Transform Life to Lifestyle

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To be a globally recognised conglomerate having strategic position in all its segments, achieving business excellence and creating value for stakeholders.


To harness and harmonise the vast reservoir of human talent, technological know-how and other resources in a collaborative, inclusive and sustainable manner so as to drive India’s development and progress